Unless you’re the last to move in, it’s possible that we’ll still be working to complete the neighbouring homes on your development.

This may mean with building underway nearby, you may occasionally experience some inconvenience.

Mud and dust

Building is a messy business and creates dirt, dust and noise. These are unavoidable however, we’ll do our best to keep the areas around your home clean, presentable and try to make sure you have unrestricted access to your home while we carry on working.

Of course, if you’re concerned about any disturbance caused by the building work, please feel free to talk to our customer care team.


Building site roads can often be uneven and have pot holes and raised manhole covers so we advise you to please take care when walking and driving.

Adoption works 

When we’ve finished all the home building works, we will then return to complete the roads and footpaths.

This may involve repairing or replacing damaged kerbs, paving and raising manhole covers in readiness for road surfacing.

We appreciate your patience throughout this process as it often takes several months due to the local authority inspection process.


While building work is going on safety hazards will exist. You should be particularly vigilant with visitors and children and take notice of any hazard signs in operation.

We try to secure working areas, however there will inevitably be access points to allow work to proceed.

Please do not enter working areas or allow children to enter these areas at any time.

Above all, safety is the most important thing, so if you have any questions surrounding site safety, please do not hesitate to ask the customer care team.





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