• 07 May 2021

Your boiler's first service will be due 12 months after its installation

Remember to arrange the annual service of your boiler by a Gas Safe registered engineer, as not only will this keep you and your family safe, but if you don’t this will invalidate the warranty on your central heating system.

The below is all you need to know about your boiler's service. 

Avoid unexpected breakdowns

Servicing your boiler annually is not only the best way to make sure you don’t experience any unexpected breakdowns at the worst times, but it also means if your boiler does break, you can fall back on your boiler warranty. 
Keep you and your family safe

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will ensure it runs safely and efficiently. A faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous, with 250 hospitalisations a year as a result of non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning between 2001 and 2010 in England and Wales. During your boiler service, the Gas Safe registered engineer will check for leaks and issues, giving you peace of mind when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.
Save money on your energy bills

An efficient boiler will cost less to run so it pays to get your boiler serviced annually. During your service, your engineer will carry out checks to make sure your boiler is working efficiently which could save you money in the long-run.
It only takes around 20 minutes!

Your engineer will begin by inspecting your boiler and controls to make sure they’re working properly. They’ll then check for corrosion and leaks, ensuring the gas pressure is correct and test the flue to make sure it’s not emitting any unsafe fumes. The service should take about 20 minutes. When it’s done, your engineer should leave you with a boiler checklist of information so be sure to keep it for your records.


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