• 19 October 2021

Is your home ready for the autumn and winter months?

As the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop, we all need to make sure our homes are prepared and ready for the change - inside and out! 


Your central heating system

It's a good idea to set your central heating system to a minimum of 14 degrees throughout the winter to help prevent frozen pipes and frost damage. It's also recommended you check and bleed any radiators as required to ensure they're working to heat your home effectively.

Compare energy deals

With the dark and colder months, it's likely you'll need to have the lights and heating on more - which may come at a cost, especially if you have a poor energy deal. It can be useful to compare energy deals on comparison websites such as uSwitch and Compare the Market.

Clear your gutters

Your gutters can become clogged with debris and leaves, especially during the autumn. Once any leaves have dropped from trees near your home, its a good idea to clear these from your gutters and drainage holes. Cleaning your gutters regularly is an important part of home maintenance and it's important to know that any damp patches on the walls below may indicate blockages.

Power cuts

Snow and freezing weather can cause power cuts, which can be particularly miserable if they happen after dark. Make sure you have a torch or two to hand and don’t forget to check the batteries! You should contact your local electricity network operator for updates if you have a power cut, rather than the electricity supplier you pay your bill to.

One easy-to-remember number to call – 105 – will connect you to the local people who can help. Alternatively, if you are still able to access the internet, log on to www.powercut105.com for updates on when they expect to restore your power.

Isolate your external tap

If you have an outside tap, insulate it or even better turn it off and drain it (leaving the tap open to allow any ice to escape) at its isolation valve during winter. This will prevent water freezing in the tap, causing it to burst and an escape of water in your home.



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